Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Abegail sent the photo via Face book to Amy,
a picture of herself posed with the group of Compassion children 
who she now serves in Luzon, Philippines.

Abegail above, circled in yellow!
is grown up, graduated from college,
and living a life devoted to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
with children from her own tribe through Compassion International,
just as the Gospel was shared with her.

This is the kind of story we love to hear,
as the Word of God transforms lives,
giving a hope that spreads hope to others!

I have no greater joy 
than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.
3 John 1:4


thechurchcook said...

This is so heart warming! What a great story of God's love and work for Abigail! :)

Judy said...

How exciting to be able to see the fruit the Lord has produced in Abigail's life since He prompted you to support her through Compassion! What could be more fulfilling than that!!!