Thursday, January 14, 2010

everyone who asks

Do you ever wonder what Jesus really meant by what He said?
As we read Luke 6 together yesterday morning, these words jumped off the page:
"Give to everyone who asks of you..." Luke 6:30

I've never been in a position before where so many asked of me.

That afternoon, Jasper and Josanne came to the gate. "Work?"
With that verse on my mind, I couldn't turn them away. They swept the driveway and washed the (already clean) car. They sorted some cardboard...and all for the equivalent of about 10 cents a piece, and a snack.

We find ourselves needing so much wisdom, as we ask Him what His words really mean.
Mark is attending a study with other co-workers based on a book called "When Helping Hurts". We both plan to read the book, and are praying for insight and wisdom to live well in a world so different than what we have ever known.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this post, because it has been one of my biggest challenges since we moved here 5 1/2 years ago. I pray regularly for wisdom to know how to respond when the requests are so frequent. I also blogged about it on our blog, I don't know if you seen it?

Anyways, thanks for bringing that verse to my mind. We need great wisdom as we deal with these precious lives, especially the children.

us5 said...

thanks so much, Louise. we didn't have the link to your blog, so THANKS for sharing. i loved reading your thoughts, and will be back soon to read more in depth. i recognize two of those boys in your photos! Mico and Richard! :o)