Thursday, January 28, 2010

smoke shack

Riding home on one jeepney route, we pass this little shack.

It's tiny, and had been invisible to my eyes until one day when our jeepney driver lurched to a stop beside it.

Turns out it's a 'sari-sari;' a mini store. The woman who operates the business pushed a sort of deep, long-handled ladle out the window of the shop, straight through into the driver's side of the jeepney. The driver dropped a peso or two into the ladle, which was promptly returned to him with a single cigarette inside. Dangling from the ladle's handle was a lighter on a string, which he then used to light up.

All the while I was wishing I had the camera with me, but at the same time I knew I would never be able to catch the full effect from my vantage. Oh to be a photo journalist!


Heritage Clan said...

Sometimes photo journalist must blend in! Black wig, may be??

us5 said...

...and fluency in Cebuano?!?

Heritage Clan said...

THAT would help to blend in, for sure! LOL!