Friday, January 22, 2010

hazard a guess

This sign is typical of many identical ones found around town.

Anyone willing to hazard a guess as to what it means?

Email us, or post a comment if you think you might know!
We'll post the answer in a day or two...

Great guesses!
It's an advertisement for a boarder.
In Manila we were told by a fellow-worker that sometimes a bedspacer is kind of a bed time-share arrangement. A student may sleep in the bed at night, and a night shift nurse may sleep in it during the day.


judy olson said...

Someone who will take up space in a bed--a boarder?

Heritage Clan said...

Is it mean bed/room to be shared?? I would think they need to be more specific if people are sharing beds or rooms?

Laurie Post said...

I agree with Judy. I was thinking roommate.