Sunday, January 31, 2010

keeper of the tales

This weekend Elise and Amy had the fun of joining the other Middle School students in performing the play "Keeper of the Tales." The play was a retelling of several stories from the 1001 Arabian-Nights.

The whole cast

Amy and a friend before the performance

Elise with another friend

Elise (2nd from left) and Amy (on right) with a couple of other "Marketplace Sellers," all prepared to walk up the aisles to the stage, offering fruit for sale

Elise and Amy had small speaking parts, and front-row seats for the rest of the play as they posed as merchants at the bazaar

Amy (on far left) was cast as a servant of the princess

Elise (2nd from right) played the part of a rich merchant's servant

Barbara also had the delight of working with this group of 5 students weekly before the play, to help them to learn their lines and plot their scene. It was great to get to know some of the students, and having a small part in the process made the play all the more fun to watch.

We'll look forward to next year's production!


Carl G. said...

What fun - thanks for the great photos!

Heritage Clan said...

What great costumes and set! Amy and Lise look great! Are those bananas from your backyard???

us5 said...

yes, we have no bananas! ;o) backyard?!?! what's that?

Anonymous said...

Who did sew all of those costumes? They're wonderful! The girls are getting more beautiful every time you send a new picture. It seems that their new life is agreeing with them well. I'm so glad to see them energetically joining in and being part of the things going on around them, but we sure miss all of you here!


us5 said...

weren't the costumes fun?!? lots of adults were involved in this. we miss ya'll too! ;o)