Sunday, January 10, 2010

snail mail

It's always exciting to get mail from home!

Some of you have asked whether we have a new mailing address since we moved.

But we live in a city with no regular residential mail delivery.
(It would be a challenge to deliver mail to specific addresses when houses are randomly numbered: a #2 next to a #23 next to a house with no number...)

Since there is no regular residential mail delivery here, we will continue to use the same address. Our mail is picked up at the main branch of the Post Office and delivered to our own personal box at the office by a fellow-worker a few times a week.

Most of the malls have a Post Office branch, too, though they are often tucked in out-of-the-way spots, and are sometimes hard to find! Here's Barbara at one branch mailing letters.

The Post Office was also closed for the week after Christmas, and we've heard that the back-log can take some time to catch up on!


Anonymous said...

what is your address

us5 said...

i will email our address to you, Nathaniel!