Tuesday, March 30, 2010

back to class

For the past two weeks I substituted in the Kindergarten classroom at the school since the teacher had to return suddenly to her home country of Australia.
It was a little bit of an old dream come true - years ago my desire was to teach MKs.

Because it was a shorter two weeks in the school calendar, and since Amy, Elise and Michael were scheduled to take standardized tests over that period of time at the school, it worked for me to teach the class and it provided the school a couple of weeks to find a replacement teacher for the 4th quarter.

Between testing and regular school work, Amy, Elise and Michael came in as assistants.

Here Elise and Amy help with a craft lesson.

The 8 students are an international group from Korea, Germany, Burundi, North and South America and the Philippines.

Michael helps design a railroad.

They are a sweet bunch of children, and we enjoyed the time together.

But I'll be happy to go back to teaching my own class of 3 again!

"From the mouths of infants young
You the pow'r of praise compose
In the face of enemies
To stop avenging foes."
Psalm 8:2
from the Psalter


Julie said...

How wonderful to be able to teach like you always wanted (and to have your kiddos as helpers)!

us5 said...

with them there it was better than my original dream! :oD

Judy said...

Are all the classes so small at Faith?

us5 said...

some classes are smaller (!) and some are quite a bit bigger.