Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ten years ago today, God blessed our family with the gift of Michael.
He has brought great joy and sweetness to each of our lives, and we are thankful for him!

The birthday celebration began when Michael woke to find that his sisters had stayed up late the night before to decorate his doorway.

After a special breakfast, Michael packed up his bag,

and walked to the school

for a morning of standardized testing.

When he got home, Michael enjoyed the gift of no more school-work for the day.
Instead he helped to prepare the batter for his birthday cake.

Then he helped prepare one of his favorite meals for lunch -
quesadillas on homemade tortillas.

He and the girls read and enjoyed the many emails and e-card greetings sent from several of you. Thanks so much for remembering him today!

In the afternoon Michael headed back to the school for his Filipino Culture class and for baseball practice after school.
Here he's up to bat (with Mark behind him helping to coach the team)

and here he's on his way to 3rd base.

Michael finished the day by making a wish and consuming chocolate cake and ice cream.
He's looking forward to a party with some of his friends at our place this weekend
which will include the consumption of more chocolate cake.

Happy 10th Birthday, Michael.
We love you, and we pray that
the Lord will bless you and keep you,
make His face shine on you,
and give you peace!


Heritage Clan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAREST MICHAEL!!!! We love you and miss you so much!

Rosalie said...

I was about to email to ask how Michael's birthday was, but checked the blog first. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Glad you had a good day, Michael!

us5 said...

thanks everyone! :o)