Friday, March 5, 2010

the button blog

Elise loves to dabble in graphic design. She has produced several issues of an on-line magazine for children, she has designed personalized desktop backgrounds, greeting cards, a letterhead for a co-worker, and most recently she's generated some custom blog 'buttons' for
earthen vessels. (See two of them in the sidebar on the left.) She would like to share this ability, partly to bless others, and partly to gain experience in graphic design.

So she's begun a blog of her own where she plans to display some of the designs she's created, and where she has offered to custom-make free 'buttons' for blogs. In the future she also hopes to offer personalized desktop backgrounds.

She'd love to serve you by creating a button for your blog or website. Visit her blog to take a look at her designs, and to place your order. We know she would enjoy the experience, and the opportunity to use this talent for God's glory!

To visit Elise's blog, simply click on the link above, or click on the "Lise's Button Blog" button in our side bar.


Rosalie said...

Good for you Lise! You do very nice work!

Heritage Clan said...

Thank you so much Lise! I LOVE the Button Blog you designed for me!!!!