Tuesday, March 2, 2010

milk of human kindness

A few days ago our neighbors came home with fresh coconuts, and they kindly shared this one with us. They told us that the coconut milk tasted delicious and refreshing when it was refrigerated.

So we popped it in the ref (Filipino for refrigerator!) overnight and tasted it the next day.
I'm refraining from posting the photos of the kids' reactions to the coconut milk. Amy might never talk to me again if I post the one of her grimace.

It was a kind and thoughtful gift from our neighbor, but we won't be buying these on any regular basis!


Heritage Clan said...

I remember the same reaction from my children! LOL!!!!

Carl G. said...

You could always cut them in half for a Monte Python reenactment!

us5 said...

hmmm, monte python wasn't part of our cultural training, so it didn't cross our minds...!