Friday, November 5, 2010

the cat's meow

Meet the newest member of our family.
So newly adopted that we haven't chosen a name for her yet.

Any name ideas for us?
Leave a comment or email us with your best suggestions!

Friends were willing to share one of their litter of three,
(thanks, guys!)
and Michael chose this one...the one with a tail!
(Also the one that reminded him most of the kitty we left behind in the U.S. ...)

As soon as we brought her home, she found a way to escape.
So Michael and his friend are at work as I blog to reinforce the fence with netting.

She really is very cute.
And so much healthier than the attic kitties we've rescued in the past.

We hope she'll prove a worthy ratter like her mother!
(Though I'm not sure I relish the thought of little gifts at our door?)


Kay Heritage said...

How about Savannah? She is a cutie!

us5 said...

oooh, 'Savannah' would be appropriate! i'll run it by the kids...

Carl G. said...


Judy said...

Or Ratatouille? Got a name yet?

us5 said...

okay, guys, they are cute names, but they are just not HER. she's quiet and very sweet, but also playful. she also loves to climb window screens to peek inside to see what we are doing. we agreed she's just not distinguished enough for "Savannah" and sorry Carl and Judy (and Mandy, Marcus and Chris, who emailed us!) - but the kids want a distinctly feminine name. until we find a better... she's 'Kits'.

Judy said...

Is she an outdoor cat then?

us5 said...

yes, she's outdoors!

The Girls said...

What about Sweet Pea? I don't know why,but she just looked like a Sweet Pea to me. :) But ask Judy...I don't really know that much about animals.