Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mindanao statistics

A friend of ours shared the following statistics about the island of Mindanao with us recently.
We thought some of you might enjoy them, too...

If you read nothing else, do read the last statistic. If you're like me, it will make you thankful...

(FYI, Mindanao is the southern-most island of the Philippines, and we live in the south-east section, in Davao City.)

*Population: 22,000,000. About 3xs the population of Virginia. Also the 8th most populous island in the world.

*Land Area: 37,657 Sq. Miles; comparable to Virginia.

*Chief Export: Fresh Bananas. $500 million exported annually at the Davao City Port.

*Highest Point: Mt. Apo, 9692 feet. We've been to the foothills, but not on a climb up the mountain. Yet.

*Indigenous Tribal Groups: 18. Each group has a distinct culture, language, and traditional way of life, comparable with how their ancestors lived centuries ago.

*Education Enrollment: Primary 82%, Secondary 39% compared to 96% & 72% nationwide.

*Poverty Rate: 63% compared to 33% nationwide. Poverty line is $350 per capita annually.

*Hourly Minimum Wage Rate: $0.68 (retail, service & agricultural industries) and $0.09 (live-in domestic house help)


Anonymous said...

It definitely makes one more thankful when he realizes how much he has...

us5 said...

isn't it true, Nathaniel? that last statistic is staggering to me.

Judy said...

No kidding. .09/hr? That's slavery!

us5 said...

yes, .09/hr. room and board are also included. women come to the city from the provinces to get these types of jobs so they can send support back to their families.