Saturday, November 13, 2010

'tis the season

It's basketball season again, and Elise and Amy are loving the time on court.
They've got fabulous coaches, and a really fun team this year.

But games with local schools don't always work out as planned.

Last Friday's game was quickly redefined as a scrimmage,
complete with paid refs and scoreboard
when the school they were expecting called at game time
to say they weren't able to get their girls out of class to come.
(Filipino school days can last til 4:30pm.)

Elise (#11) makes a shot

The head coach gives some advice to the scrimmaging 'visitor team'
Amy's a temporary #2

I love this shot - something about the slanted posture of most of the girls is great.
I don't remember if Elise's attempt made it or not!

In scrimmage, they put Amy and Elise on opposite teams.

I'm glad that on-court aggression toward each other isn't the norm, sisters!

This weekend the scenario was a little different.
No game was announced.

It was a lazy Saturday morning, and we were all slow in getting going.
Then at 8 o'clock, we got the call from Coach.
'There's a team ready to play us waiting at the school; can you come?'

Elise #11, Amy #5

By 9 am both of the coaches
and 10 out of the 12 team members were there warming up.

Two dads who had come to watch the game were drafted as refs...
(chosen because they happened to be wearing appropriate shoes)

Arranged games just require a certain amount of flexibility,
another great character trait being learned
as we live in a culture that doesn't always work the way we would expect.

They played an intense game, 24:22...unfortunately not in their favor.
But they had a great time anyway.
And Elise made 10 of those 22 points!!! Go Lise!

As point guard, Amy gets lots of ball time.

We are incredibly thankful for the gift of such a wonderful community;
something we never even dreamed of before we came.

Wish you could join us for the next game!


Judy said...

Wish I could be there too! Would love to see Amy and Elise play! Thanks for sharing the photos though--so we can at least imagine ourselves there! Looking good Amy and Elise!

us5 said...

thanks for taking time to 'virtually join' us, Judy!

Kay Heritage said...

So glad the girls are playing b-ball! :) Anna is having a tough time finding a team to play in; she may need to join your team.

us5 said...

come on over, Anna! you'd love this team...and they'd love you!