Sunday, November 14, 2010


Josanne rang the doorbell on Saturday.
"Tita Barbara?"
(Tita is 'aunt')
I assumed she was looking for work, so I went to the gate,
wracking my brain for a job she could do to earn a few pesos.

But as I approached she proudly said,
"Niluto ang akong Mama ug mga saging.
Lami sila.

'My mother cooked bananas.
They are delicious.'

Then she asked if we'd like to buy some.
Would I ?!?!
Since I love to encourage this kind of work ethic,
and this type of family involvement,
I ordered 5.

Josanne looked very pleased,
and (in a very business-like manner) whipped out her bag of sugar
and proceeded to dip and shake 5 still-warm fried bananas,
coating them maybe a little too well...?

The bananas were sliced and fanned out in a very artistic way.
And Josanne was right.
They were lami.

I'm happy to be building friendships with Josanne, and with other children of the neighborhood. I'm thankful that we can communicate a little better than we could a year ago.
But I'm frustratingly slow to learn the language, and I long for the ability to be able to better relate something of the sweetness, the goodness of God with her and with the others who visit our gate in a way that they would understand.
I pray for some way to share the hope and light of the gospel,
to see their lives transformed
and their destiny redeemed!

Please pray with me that God would open a way in this neighborhood
for these children to hear His good news,
and to taste and see that the Lord is good.


Judy said...

Amazing what one can do with a banana! Am curious what they taste like. Look pretty good!

us5 said...

these are cooking bananas - very wide ones, not for eating raw. fried bananas are a very common snack here!