Friday, November 12, 2010

coconut wine

Recently we had the opportunity to watch
the harvesting of coconut wine,
the freshly tapped sap from a coconut palm.

It was amazing to watch the barefoot tapper
lithely climb to the very top of the tall, notched trunk
armed with a knife and empty bamboo containers.

There he gathered the sap that had collected from the cut flower of the palm tree,
and fastened a new container to the flower stump to collect more.

The white liquid tends to be very sweet
and non-alcoholic before it is fermented.

Palm wine is often distilled to create a stronger drink,
called lambanog. It's pretty potent,
with a typical alcohol content of 80 to 90 proof after a single distillation,
and as high as 166 proof after the second distillation.

I think we'll stick with the coconut milk
(it's getting more tasty upon better acquaintance...)


Judy said...

That sure doesn't look like any coconut I've ever seen at Safeway! The photo of Michael looks like a travel brochure--the epitome of a tropical paradise vacation! Aaahhhhh!

us5 said...

these fresh green coconuts house the coconut seed that you see at Safeway!