Wednesday, February 16, 2011

around town

The other day we were out and about to run some errands.
Along the way I took some photos of a few things that grabbed my eye...

egg delivery trike
we've seen guys on bicycles delivering eggs -
with cartons like these perched precariously in front of them -
all the way up to their chin

this man is collecting recyclables.
can you see how his bag is hanging from his head?

in front of the junk shop;
a truckload of recycled cardboard

more junk shops;
repaired fans,
and all sorts of other things for sale

shouldering a load of goods home from the market

one more junk shop - wheels and tires

using a hose and a ramrod
to clean out the cement truck at a construction site
while the rest of the crew stands waiting

another siesta at the side of the road

one of those well-laden motorcycles

resting on the end of a jeepney
distrustful of this strange American taking a picture

Here even a walk up the street is filled with unusual sights.
I only wish I were better at capturing more of it on this camera.

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thechurchcook said...

Love that picture of the Egg Man! :)

us5 said...

you need to hire him to deliver Christian's eggs! ;o)