Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I forgot that Wednesdays are

day at SM Grocery.

No grocery bags today.

In an effort to help save the world,
they recycle boxes from the back room every Wednesday
for those (like me) who forget to bring their own.


I'm just thankful that I wasn't buying too much this afternoon.
I've been known to make the same mistake before on a larger scale,
and it's enough to break the back!

Just ask my amazing husband, Mark.
I'm thankful that he's also very strong...

1 comment:

Judy said...

Yikes! Get in your weight training! I tell you though, sometimes when I bring my own bags to the grocery store the bagger tries to fit as much as possible in each bag--like 2-5 lb flours, 3 cartons of orange juice and 3 jars of pasta sauce or something like that! And they leave 3 or 4 of my bags empty. So I dunno--maybe they may as well give me a big box too!