Friday, February 25, 2011

unique window

Our decision to homeschool this year was not made lightly; it came with much prayer, thought, and discussion. Like all parents making choices about their children's education, we want to be intentional and in obedience to the leading of the Lord.

We live close to a really great international school, with a committed staff of Christian teachers. We know that the school experience would offer opportunities that homeschooling doesn't, and that there are benefits to both methods of education. We are SO grateful to be in a community where we are given grace to homeschool, and also to participate part-time in school activities. This has been such a fabulous balance for us.

One benefit to homeschooling that we didn't take into consideration was the opportunity to become a part of the Davao Homeschool group that has formed just this year.

It's a group of families who have chosen for various reasons to educate their children at home. These families are pioneers, since homeschooling is very uncommon in the Philippines.

We gathered today for a time of fellowship and fun; to encourage and pray for one another in this task of teaching our children.

Kids and dads played soccer and basketball, munched on snacks, and had arm-wrestling contests...

...while moms shared stories, encouragement, ideas, prayer and laughter.

We are thankful for this sweet community, and for the unique window it's given us to get to know other Filipino families better; to share in common our similar goals, struggles, and joys!

In the process of coming to a unanimous agreement to homeschool this year, our family wrote out a manifesto of sorts - our reasons for homeschooling. (If you would like a copy, just email me - we'd be happy to share!)


Rosalie said...

I admire you for your commitment to making wise choices and for seeking wisdom from God.

us5 said...

thank you! we sure need lots of His wisdom!