Wednesday, February 23, 2011

go knights!

Last Saturday the girls' soccer team entered a local tournament.

It was held at the University of the Philippines, Mindanao

Elise, #1, gets some pointers from Coach Micah before the game

In order to accommodate more teams,
the soccer field was split in half, and they played
four teams at a time; smaller fields, shorter games.

Eight teams entered the tournament,
some high school teams,
some college teams.

The seating area for the teams and spectators
was a hillside off to the side of the fields.
There were a handful of chairs, too.

Amy rests with her team mates during a break.

Beyond the hill were houses and sari-sari stores.

A few spectators got smart and brought their hammocks!

Preparations for the games included things like
duct-taping broken cleats together

and gathering for a few last minute instructions
and prayer.

Elise played the goalie position for the first time.
Go Elise!

Amy played offense.

It was a long, hot day, under the glaring sun.

Evidently not everyone was as warm as I was.
This boy (above) wasn't the only one
wearing a stocking cap.

These men watched while taking a break
from building a road in front of the university.

And these cute girls spent more time playing than watching!

Amy warms up with the others on the dirt road
at the top of the hill.

It was a fun experience to play multiple teams at another facility,
and to see how a Filipino-style tournament
is run.

It began at 8:30 with a pep-talk by an older woman who sponsored the event,
and it ended with a variety of awards
(including an award for the girl who showed the most grace and poise on and off the field!)
and a get-to-know-you party at the end.

Thanks to our great coaches,
and to U.P., a great host!

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thechurchcook said...

Go girls! So proud of you!!