Friday, March 11, 2011

neighborhood walk

A while ago I took you for a photo-stroll through our neighborhood.
Here are a few more shots of the streets around our home.

Michael poses by papaya trees laden with fruit

a flooded street

one of many grazing cows in an empty lot

and a couple of the cow pies they leave behind

a spot someone calls home

another one of those mid-day siestas

a quaint gate in a barbed wire fence,
leading to a well-tended garden

a fenced dog going wild
over a wet and traumatized cat he can't quite reach

and home again, to find a friend waiting for us at the gate.

There's never a dull walk through our neighborhood!


Rosalie said...

Thanks for sharing these! Very interesting. The cow looked more like a bull, but must have been a docile one!

us5 said...

i think that most owners here can't afford to de-bud their female cows, so both cows and bulls have horns here. i honestly didn't look too closely to see if it was a bull or a cow! ;o)