Thursday, March 3, 2011

muddiest shirt

Anyone recognize this child?

A face only a mother could love.

These photos are just in case anyone doubted
that our children actually get dirty.

I heard rumors that there was some
competition between Michael and Mr. B.,
the band teacher, to see who had the muddiest shirt
after Ultimate Frisbee.

But we all know Mr. B. would never do such a thing.


Rosalie said...

Glad you have your Tide. And I don't think Michael could get dirty enough to hide his cuteness!

us5 said...

i just hope michael won't take that as a challenge. ;o)

thechurchcook said...

Time to get that magic soap bar! ;)

{Ashleigh} said...
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Carl G. said...

I've heard that mud baths can be very therapeutic!

{Ashleigh} said...

The Winter Retreat was fun, but it needed two more girls to make it perfect, Amy and Elise. We really miss you all so much.