Friday, March 11, 2011

pillars tremble

Thank you to all of you who have expressed concern for us in the wake of the tsunami in Japan, and the subsequent natural disasters in the Pacific. Please know that we are fine - we have not been affected in the least.

Then join us in praying for those whose lives have been ravaged by this upheaval, and that all these events will serve as a reminder to the human race of Who is really in control of this planet after all.

"It is God...who shakes the earth out of its place,
and its pillars tremble;
Who commands the sun not to shine,
and sets a seal upon the stars;
Who alone stretches out the heavens
And tramples down the waves of the sea;
Who makes the Bear, Orion and the Pleides,
And the chambers of the south;
Who does great things,
and wondrous works without number."

Job 9:5-10

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Rosalie said...

Glad you are okay!