Saturday, October 15, 2011

5K Fun Run

I have been running pretty consistently lately and decided to enter a local fun run.
And I didn't have to do it by myself ... Michael decided to enter also.
I've run a number of fun runs in the US, and this was similar in most ways ...
different in a couple!

 The first difference was that it started at 5am on Saturday morning.
We were up and out the door by around 4:20 am.
Our cat wondered what we were doing.

 Turns out we could have slept in a bit.
At 5am the race organizers were still setting things up.

 A local fitness guru warms us up with some exercises and stretching.

 Michael and I at the finish.
We ran together, and he out-sprinted me at the very end.  We started off with an easy 9 minute mile, then picked up the pace and ran the final mile in just under 7 minutes.  We were just over 25 minutes for 5 kilometers.

There were some snacks after the race including bananas and rice porridge.

Some local street-kids also benefited from the food.
One was hitting me up for money, but I wasn't too sympathetic,
considering the big pile of food he had in front of him
(two bowls of porridge and about five bananas!).

We had a lot of fun, and are already looking forward to another fun run in late November.
If you come to Davao, you can run it with us!


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