Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Have you ever seen an escalator like this one?
It's a nifty design, allowing customers to take their grocery carts
down a level to the parking garage below.

These smooth escalators are common in other areas of S.E. Asia, 
but it's the first one we've seen here in Davao.


Judy said...

That's cool! Good idea. But something seems odd. Are you sure it's in Davao? Because Amy and Elise are wearing jeans and JACKETS???

us5 said...

:lol: very observant, Judy! this escalator just happens to be in a mall with a great air conditioning system, so when we go there, the girls almost always wear jeans and bring a jacket. it's a great place to go to get cooled off!

Anonymous said...

Hey Judy, if you'd come for a visit, you could see this first hand (and find out how chilly the malls can be)!
Your favorite BIL

us5 said...

oooh! great idea, Mark! ♥ come on over, Judy...i'll take you shopping. but bring your jacket! :)