Friday, October 28, 2011

corner store

Our fruit supply is low, 
so I slip on my shoes and take a stroll down the street
toward the corner fruit stall.

The mid-day sun is blistering hot, and I wonder
if I should adopt the local custom of carrying an umbrella for shade.

I see our neighbor Ken,
 running down the street
trying to recapture his run-away chicken.
(sorry I didn't capture a photo of that one!)

 I pass the bakery where I see a tiny kitten guarding the door.


Two children come tearing around the corner of the store
in a noisy game of chase,
only to come to an abrupt halt when they see me.
My greetings don't bring the usual smiles...
I guess the surprise was a little too much.

On to the fruit stand,
a fabulous addition to our neighborhood!
This shanty houses a varying selection of local produce at great prices.
Though I rarely find the vegetables I hope for,
I always come home laden with fruit.

This was today's haul...a whole 250 pesos worth
(roughly $6)
for two pineapples, two papaya, three oranges and 7 mangoes!

It will be gone before I know it,
and I'll take another walk to the corner.


Judy said...

Wow! I just paid $3.76 for 3 navel oranges yesterday!! Was pretty shocked when I realized how much $1.99/lb was!

us5 said...

:eek: that's outrageous! my oranges were the most expensive fruit of the lot - they cost about .50 each, but 1.25 each?!?

OliveTree said...

Oh! That fruit picture makes me miss my El Salvador days for sure!!!

But now I'm enjoying fresh figs galore...

us5 said...

i don't think i've ever had a fresh fig, Olive Tree! enjoy every bite. :)

Elysa said...

Thank you for taking us on your walk to the corner market. I'm looking forward to inexpensive fresh produce in Swaziland. Maybe I'll finally get my fill of guacamole. :D

us5 said...

thanks for joining me on my walk, Elysa, but enjoy your berries and peaches for now!! :)