Saturday, October 1, 2011


We are like many westerners and have become used to a lifestyle of "convenience".  Sometimes we grumble about things here that we find less convenient than we expect or are used to.  I recently had to have my ATM card replaced, and it took a couple weeks and several trips to the bank.

However, lately, I've been thinking about the things here which are MORE convenient:

 This is the mobile knife sharpener.  He comes by many mornings calling out his services.  He carries his "rig" with him over his shoulder.  He will sharpen anything needing a keener edge.

Things here which are MORE convenient (than we're used to):

 Mobile appliance repair: Comes through our neighborhood calling out "fans, washing machines"
(pretty much anything with a motor).  Almost anything can be repaired here.

Food delivery: McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Jollibee and many local restaurants 
all deliver (via motorcycle) for a small fee or for free.

Taxi's: Plentiful everywhere, a text message will bring one to your doorstep to pick-you-up.
  Flag drop is about 90 cents, you can get most places in town for under a dollar and a half.

Laundry Service: I haven't convinced my wife to do this, but "wash, dry, fold" for 15-20 peso's per kilo.  That's less than 20 cents per pound!

Recycling: Riding through the neighborhood calling out "plasteek, bacaard (cardboard)" 
they will haul away pretty much anything which is of any value.

So, the next time I'm frustrated by something inconvenient, perhaps I can give thanks for all the things here which are more convenient !!


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OliveTree said...

Hi, I saw you visited my blog. Fun to see yours, and I just want to say that I LOVE this approach to less convenient/more convenient. I love seeing the positive things in the cultures where we live, instead of always just ranking on them! Thanks for this great reminder.

We've been the ATM route too, but that knife sharpener probably is more effective than any appliance I could have in my kitchen!