Friday, December 30, 2011

sand in our shoes

They hang delicately on our tree,
this tiny pair of Delft clogs;
a gift from a Dutch co-worker.

Inside she tucked a note:

 In the New Year ahead, may petty annoyances not drain your energies 
so that you can conserve them for the big, worthwhile things;
things done for His glory.  
 It isn't the mountain ahead that wears us out; 
it's the grains of sand in our shoe.
 -Adapted from quote by Robert Service

Wishing each and every one of you a New Year 
filled with a greater awareness of God's goodness
than of the sand in our shoes!

by grace alone,


kay said...

What a great advice! Will try to remember that. And Happy, blessed New Year ahead to you!!

OliveTree said...

Amen! that's what I want. Thanks for the beautiful picture and quote.