Wednesday, September 11, 2013


On this hot, busy work and school day,
I'm reminiscing about the delightful day not so long ago 
when our family visited Kawasan Falls in the mountains of Cebu. (June 2013)

How refreshing to hike through this quiet, natural area,
and to explore waterfall after waterfall along the path!

Some we hiked over,
some we climbed into,
others we leaped from.

All of them were beautiful.

We have gone over the top on security. 
Stop already. 
Life is risk. 
Be prudent, take precautions, 
but live. 
– Peggy Noonan

We aren't jumping off any waterfalls today,
but even here in this moment,
in the middle of tropical heat and the load of responsibility,
may I fully live,
enjoying God's goodness in this day...
God's goodness in this moment.

I came that they may have life
 and have it abundantly.
John 10:10


Rosalie said...

It does look refreshing! What a gift that was! And yes, there's always so much of God's goodness all around us that we often take for granted, just because we get to experience it every day. He is so good!

Betsy said...

Amen! Let's live that abundant life today in the nitty gritty. (Even though I'm not at my Aegean beach vacation anymore, like you aren't at those falls.)

Kristy said...

OH it looks SO FUN !!!
Was it scary ???

us5 said...

hi Janelle! ♥ no, it wasn't scary - just going down your slide! :) i wish you could have come with us! :)

Janelle said...

ME TO!!!!!!!!!

us5 said...

:hugs: to you, Janelle! ♥