Thursday, September 19, 2013

remind me again

"Aio!" Five little voices chimed at my gate, 
so young, so expectant.  "Plasteek?" 
I knew they were looking for recycleables, 
and since I had some to share, I went to meet them.

Their bubbling excitement when I gave them old plastic bottles and tin cans made me smile.
Our trash was like treasure; pure joy.

They energetically worked together to divvy up the spoil,
counting it out and sharing equally with one another.
What will they get from this little bit of trash?
A few pesos?

I brought them some packages of cookies as a snack.
They opened each new package delightedly, 
sharing bites of the different types of cookies with one another,
glorying in the unexpected goodness of it all.
And as this little troupe of waifs left my gate, they all looked back with waves,
shouting "Salamaat Po!" Thank you! 

 I watched their companionship and care for one another,
and was reminded of how the body of Christ should look.

A band of people united in purpose, 
looking out for the welfare of one another.

A contented people, smiling at God's goodness 
even when we are not rich in worldly goods.

A people amazed by the treasure we find in Christ, 
and in His gifts to us each day, 
eager to share the spoils of His Word 
and the riches of His goodness with one another.

A people overflowing with respectful thanks
to the God Who abundantly provides all that we need.

I hope those boys come back soon;
I need all the reminders I can get.


Rosalie said...

Love this!

thechurchcook said...

Beautiful post!! Love catching up on your life! :)