Tuesday, September 17, 2013


You'll remember that we asked you to join us in praying for Mark 
as he took on a job requiring lots of time, energy and grace.

Thank you so very much for your prayers!  Mark is done with the assignment,
and we are delighted to have him back home again safely 
after his time in a remote village in another SE Asian country for the past 3 weeks!

Thank you for your prayers for the rest of us here at home, too.
God has faithfully answered your prayers, and we are grateful.

 I can't tell you much about Mark's work,
but during those three weeks, he ate rice and fish
for pretty much every single meal,

he took lots of cold bucket showers and 
hand-washed his clothes in a tub,
yes, this is the sort of bathroom Mark used for 3 weeks...
 he had lots of time to practice a little of the local language,

 and time to work and fellowship together with fellow-believers, 
all laboring together for the glory of God!

 We give thanks for the opportunity he had to go,
and we give thanks to be all together again!

Where thou art,
 that is Home.  
~Emily Dickinson


Judy said...

So glad Mark's home safely! Rice and fish every meal huh? Looks like he lost some weight!!

Rosalie said...

Nice to see the pictures. Glad you are all together again!