Friday, October 16, 2009

hitching a ride

Pedicabs are one source of low-cost transportation in town.
They are a rickshaw-type vehicle, often pedaled, sometimes motorized.

There's a mini pedicab at the center, and Michael has become an adept driver.
His favorite customer (below) comes by often for rides, and is content to be driven about gratuitously for long periods of time.

Michael even talked Amy into taking a ride, though she wasn't enthusiastic about the lack of leg-room in the passenger seat.

One of those umbrellas would be a nice touch, to keep off the hot rays!


Anonymous said...


John Harvard wants to be your next customer! "Can I go to Michael's house tomorrow?" He asks. :)

Rosalie said...


us5 said...

Come on over, John Harvard! Michael will even let you drive!