Sunday, October 18, 2009


Parols are traditional Filipino Christmas decorations. They are wooden frames shaped like a star. Then they are covered with paper or cellophane. Sometimes people will put a candle inside to light them up.

I made a parol in Philippine Culture class! It was alot of fun.
We made the streamers using the concept of paper snowflakes: fold & cut!

Amy is working on her parol for Philippine Culture. You can see the frame that she covered with cellophane.

Store bought parols are much fancier than handmade ones.

By Elise


Lois said...

Beautiful job, Elise! Look like it was a lot of work. Did Amy finish hers yet?

us5 said...

Thanks! It wasn't as hard to make as it looks. Amy finished her parol a few days ago.

The Welch Family said...

Elise, the parol looks good AND SO DO YOU!