Saturday, October 10, 2009

wild about hairy

This is the dish of Rambutan we tried for lunch yesterday.
It’s a fruit that's native to Malaysia, Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Something about the sweetness of this fruit makes it very attractive to ants. In fact, Filipinos we know say that the way to choose the best Rambutan is to look for the ones covered in ants.

Rambutan , in Indonesian, Filipino, and Malay literally means “hairy.”
One friend called it the fruit that had a bad hair day.

You squeeze the skin to pop it open,

revealing the white flesh of the fruit.

We all thought it was good...but it might be a while before we're truly wild about hairy...


Anonymous said...

what is the texture like? is there any fruit in the US that you can compare it to?

us5 said...

The texture is a little like the inside of a firm grape - these ones stuck in our teeth a little! They also have a pit in the center.

Anonymous said...

We have prayed for you tonight and will continue
to~Just thinking about you all puts a smile on
my face! May God multiply back to you the
encouragement you are to all of us who know you:)
Phil 1:3-6
Cindy Sutlive

us5 said...

Thank you so much, Cindy. What sweet words of encouragement.