Tuesday, October 20, 2009

luxury vehicle

We've been very blessed with the honor of 'car-sitting' for fellow-workers who have gone home for a year.

This little Lancer is a real luxury. Though we don't drive it often, it's such a huge help at times. Carrying food for 5 home in a jeepney or taxi is pretty heavy work, so being able to fill the trunk after a major grocery run every of couple weeks is an enormous blessing.

The interior may be stapled together, but it gets us there!
Mark is the sole driver in the family for the time being.
That's due to the fact that the car is a manual, and also due to the challenge of driving in a country where road rules are a little different.

The main rule seems to be that whoever gets there first has the right of way, unless the other vehicle is bigger, or more assertive! Mark does a great job managing the roads, though he'll have to learn to use his horn a lot more to really fit in.

"Some boast in chariots and some in horses,
But we will boast in the name of the Lord, our God."

Psalm 20:7


Anonymous said...

Knowing you guys, the owners won't recognize their car when they return a year later because it will be so clean and well maintained!! :)

us5 said...

We were actually thinking about fixing it up to look more jeepney-like; paint it in bright colors, attach handlebars so people could hitch rides on the back, add a roof rack so we could really load it up! :oD

Anonymous said...

isn't it kind of like that in Europe? the biggest have right of way? then maybe there we would appreciate our van. right now how we think about our passenger van is 'it gets us there' I am sure we would be a whole lot more thankful if we lived in an area where we had to use taxis/jeepneys everyday.


clgrant said...

Yippee - wheels!

The Welch Family said...

The description of the driving reminds me of Boston. I went there once, and it was scary! I, like you, appreciate rules when driving. Ha, ha.