Friday, October 29, 2010

best seat in the house

November is almost here,
and fall is in the air...

at least for most of you back in the U.S.!

Here in Davao, the temperatures are just as hot as ever, and I find myself thinking wistfully of chilly mornings,
golden leaves,
candles burning,
orange chrysanthemums,
Butterball turkeys,
pulling out the winter clothes,
and pumpkins on doorsteps.

We did have some rain this week which brought the temps down closer to 80 than 90,
at least for the day.

(above) Amy and Elise leave for school Tuesday morning, after a night of non-stop rain

(above) our street in the other thankful for those sidewalks!

On these intensely hot fall days,
we've found ourselves increasingly thankful for the deck on our house -
the best room in the place!

Here, in the bright glare of the early morning sun,
is the perfect spot for hanging our laundry up to dry along the gutter of the roof.

As midday passes, and the sun goes over the roof line,
the deck is a pleasant place to visit with friends
and to watch the jeepneys go by.

Or on the weekends, Mark likes to grab a book to read here.

Around 5:30, as the sun begins its descent,
it's the ideal setting to watch God's magnificent artistry on the canvas of the sky.
(nice photo, Elise!)

The deck has also become our favorite dining spot.
Since at dinnertime the house is still stifling from the heat of the day,
we often grab our plates and head up the stairs for an autumn picnic,
where we can watch the bats fly by,
feel any breeze that happens to waft through,
and see the stars begin to peek out one by one.
(Not to mention being able to watch the approach path
of incoming flights to the airport, right, Mark?)

In fact, it's Mark and Barbara's favorite spot to go on our date night!

And often we are witnesses to an amazing display of lightning in the night sky.

(above: Michael enjoys some dessert while watching the display.
Don't worry, Grandma, the carport roof is right on the other side of the railing where he's sitting!

(another nice photo, Elise!)

All on our deck...the best seat in the house.


Kay Heritage said...

What a perfect place to retreat! Would love to sit with ya and have a chat, Barbara!

us5 said...

oh, wouldn't that be lovely?!? come on over, Kay!

Rosalie said...

Thanks for sharing this . . . so nice!

Carl G. said...

Glad you don't have too much trouble with flying pests!
Great pictures!

us5 said...

i guess the bats help keep them at bay?