Tuesday, October 19, 2010

engineers in training

Saturday morning we hosted a group of home-schooled families for our monthly meeting.

Mark prepared a session on aerodynamics,
beginning with some basic explanation of a cut-away Gulfstream poster.

He discussed basic aviation principles, and showed some great video clips to demonstrate the concepts.

Then the group built their own gliders, models of the X-1.

After a series of test-flights and suitable adjustments, we had a competition to see who had the furthest flying model.

It was lots of fun!
Here's the happy third-place winner with his
faster-than-the-speed-of-sound X-1.

Amy wasn't able to join us, since she came down with pink-eye the night before.
Please pray for her as she continues to recover from a multi-symptom bug.


thechurchcook said...

We are praying for you, Amy!
What great workshop!

us5 said...

thanks for praying for Amy - she's got a strange assortment of symptoms!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Amy! Love you guys soo much! ~Candace

us5 said...

thank you, Candace! Amy finally (after a week of being sick, and an interesting visit to the doctor) is getting better.