Friday, October 15, 2010

free fall

I hope that you aren't getting too tired yet of seeing photos of Samal Island, because I'd like to share one more highlight of our time there!

We spent one morning exploring Hagimit Falls,
a private park full of trails
through a system of small waterfalls
which are fed by an underground spring.

Unlike waterfalls we've been to in the U.S.,
these are open for climbing...

...and jumping!!!
(can you see Michael in the photo above?)

What a fun place to explore!

We even found natural water slides.

Michael and Amy discovered the game of 'buko bola' (coconut ball);
who knew that a coconut could be such a great toy?

And what could be more fun than jumping off of waterfalls?

Jumping with your dad, of course!

Here's a short video of 'buko bola' just for fun!


Rosalie said...

Amazing! Looks like a lot of fun.

The Girls said...

What a gorgeous place! It looks like such fun to slide and jump. I wish we could be there with you. I love that Mark jumped with the kids!

us5 said...

we wish you could be here, too! we miss ya'll!

Judy said...

WOW!!! So beautiful! And refreshing! Did you jump too Barb? I don't think I would have been that daring!

us5 said...

gotta admit no, i didn't jump. i did climb up to the top and sit perched on the edge, enjoying the water rushing through my toes! (does that count?)