Thursday, October 7, 2010

samal island

Fall quarter of school is already just about at an end, and since Faith Academy took a week of vacation for Fall Break this week, our family decided to seize the opportunity to spend a couple of days exploring nearby Samal Island.

We drove onto the ferry so that we'd have wheels on the other side.
The crossing was not much wider than the Savannah River.

It was such a relief to leave behind the noise and heat of the city, and to take a break from outside demands and commitments to spend time together.

This is where we stayed; an open-air cabin on the beach.

The views were spectacular.

I love this photo that Elise took.
(Recognize those flip-flops, Jayne?)

Three mosquito nets in a row.
These are a great idea when you're sleeping outdoors in the tropics!
I loved watching the fireflies dancing around outside of mine, their lights flickering on and off in a silent sort of lullaby.
But those aren't fireflies you see in the photo above...they are reading lights, as the three junior associates indulge in reading themselves to sleep...

Elise finds another quiet spot to relax with her book...

Playing games together in the evening.

What's this? Probably a business meeting...

Fishermen pass by Mark's reading nook.

What a sweet family time of refreshment, and what beauty we were privileged to witness!

There are many other faces to Samal, and I couldn't put my camera down. We'll be sharing more in coming posts about this island that's just a hop, skip and a jump away from the busy city where we live!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! It's so beautiful. ~Candace

Kay Heritage said...

What a sweet refreshing time for you! So glad!

Carl G. said...

So who needs Tahiti!
Glad you had this delightful break!

us5 said...

it's true! it was beautiful. of course, you might have a hot shower instead of cold sponge baths in Tahiti, and you might not be sharing your cabin with rats, either...but then, that's part of the island experience! :smile: