Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The end of the school-year is always marked by lots of extra events.
Last weekend was the end-of-the-year banquet, 
and Amy and Elise, though part-time students,
were asked by special invitation to attend.

The lighting in our house after dark is just not great for taking photos,
I'm sorry these didn't turn out better, Amy and Elise!

They will be totally embarrassed by this next photo, 
but it just needs to be included.
This pose is classic Filipino.
The hand gesture means 'gwapa,' or 'beautiful.'
Usually kids do it to frame their own face in a photo.
I love the mutual compliment as they do it to each other!

The theme of the banquet was 
Forever Young

and it was held at the lovely Villa Margarita Hotel
Elise had been asked previously to design the tickets and the place cards 
for the banquet, and she used a cute polka-dot motif.

The student council carried out the polka-dot theme 
on the cake and in the decorations.
Elise and Amy pose with the rest of their class below...


The Braggs said...

Such beautiful young ladies in beautiful dresses!

And Ha! I thought, at first, the girls were doing a Charlie's Angels pose. That must be just an American themed pose though. When I was in Honduras, the kids posed like that, too. Nice frame to the face. Ha Ha

us5 said...

funny that they do it in Honduras, too!

i thought the girls looked great, too, Braggs...but i know i'm a little biased. ;)

Rachel Cori said...

You are really lovely, A and E. Hurray for celebrations!

Anna H. said...

Amy and Lise, you look beautiful!!

And the place cards are adorable. :)

Rosalie said...

Amy and Lise, you are so beautiful!

Judy said...

Just lovely! Your little girls have become such beautiful young ladies! Inside and out! Thanks for sharing :-)

Rosalie said...

Amy and Lise, you are so beautiful! So glad you got to be part of this fun event. Lise, I love your ticket and place card design. Love to all.

The Girls said...

Oh, these photos make me miss you all so! Ladies, you are both BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely party you all attended, and Elise, the tickets and place cards are wonderful. We miss you all!

Janelle said...

I love your dress Amy and Elise they're so beautiful !!
Did you get them here or there ???

us5 said...

Thank you, Janelle! We found our dresses here! ♥