Monday, May 9, 2011

garage saling

This weekend was the yearly neighborhood garage sale held at the school.
Tickets were sold at the gate, and limited numbers of people were allowed in at one time.
This is a big community event, eagerly anticipated by lots of people!

We had a great time joining several believers from the church where we fellowship,
manning a table filled with goods donated by families from the church.

The goal was to raise money to share 
with fellow believers in a neighboring city who are in need.

We were excited to see about 5,000 pesos raised - 
just over $100.  
More than we anticipated!

It was so very encouraging to see these thoughtful believers donating,
giving their time and resources
to raise funds for others.

...and having some fun at the same time!

Amy (in blue) demonstrated some pretty hard bargaining skills.
I'm wondering if her future might be in sales?
Okay, maybe not, Amy.  ;)


Kay Heritage said...

Good thing our Miranda did not know about this! ;)
Looks like a great, fun way to help fellow believers!

us5 said...

aha! maybe that's how I could get Miranda to come for a visit!!! :lol:

The Girls said...

I'm glad that I found out you'd lost some of your comments...I thought I'd been black-balled. :o) I'm glad to see that the fine art of yard-saling is alive and well half way across the world and that it is being used to benefit many. We had a fabulous time ourselves, a week ago, at the GHEA Used Book Fair. MORE books! Too little time...wish we could yard sale a little bit together. I miss you.

us5 said...

blackballed?!?!?! YOU!??! never fear, friend! ♥

sadly i didn't find any good books at this sale (not that i need another book!) but Elise did pick up a fun little $1 trench coat - just what she needs in this climate! it was just too cute to pass up.