Wednesday, May 25, 2011

bottle collection

 One of Michael's bi-weekly jobs is to take the trash out to the garbage truck when he hears it coming.
The truck isn't too difficult to catch, since the driver comes honking the horn down the street as they go.

And then, these trash guys like Michael, so they call out at our gate if he isn't there waiting for them.

You can see a garbage man with Michael at the gate below;
there's another man working the street with him,
and then two or three others up in the bed of the truck,
catching the cans and bags tossed up,
and sorting through it all to find items of value
to augment their salary.

One day Michael was commenting on what a terribly hot job they have;
all day out in the sun, lifting and tossing and sorting trash.

It was then that he decided to collect used bottles
for the sanitation workers,
refilling them with water ready to share.

Now the driver is all the more intentional about stopping at our house.

And Michael is learning to serve; 
to share a cup of water to bless another...

I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink;
Matthew 25:35

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thechurchcook said...

What a wonderful way to serve those around you, Michael! Thank you for blessing me with this post, B!