Wednesday, May 18, 2011

by the inking of my thumbs

Once in awhile we are distinctly reminded 
that we are aliens in a foreign land.

Yesterday was such a day,
when the kids all needed a government seal of approval
for visa purposes.

So we hiked up the path to the main road to catch a taxi,

 pausing to greet the cows grazing along the way.

We took a taxi to the Bureau of Immigration
where the guard at the gate let us in, 
and did a brief check of our bags.

The guard outside the door was very friendly,
and though she looks so official in this pose,
it's all an act.
She was very relaxed, and happy to have her photo taken.  
She insisted that Amy, Elise and Michael join her for the photo.

Inside we met our well-connected, well-informed friend, Kuya "J," 
 who helped us through all the requirements.

There were forms to be signed,

and then the inking of the thumbs for fingerprints.

At least this time it was ONLY thumbs.
It gets pretty messy when it's the full set.

 This gentleman's official job is to get the fingerprints just right,

and in just the right spot on each form.

Once the prints are done, Kuya "J" always has clean-up supplies 
along with him to help us de-ink.
Thank you Kuya!

Kuya stays behind to wrap things up,
but our part is done,
so we flag a taxi back home.

We're so thankful that systems are in place, 
with people to help us through all of the government documentation.
This is an ENORMOUS help to us, 
since on our own it would be a huge task to keep on top of all the requirements.

So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, 
but you are fellow citizens with the saints, 
and are of God's household
Ephesians 2:19

May our temporary alien status
contribute to bringing others
into Heavenly citizenship
for eternity!

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