Friday, May 13, 2011

blogger blooper

 For the past few days we've been getting the following message 
when we tried to access our blog:

Ang Blogger ay kasalukuyang hindi magagamit
Ang Blogger ay hindi magagamit sa ngayon. Humihingi kami ng paumanhin para sa ganitong pagkagambala sa serbisyo.

Mangyaring bisitahin ang Katayuan ng Blogger para sa mga karagdagang detalye.

We don't speak Tagalog, but we know enough to understand 
that Blogger was not having a good day.
Unfortunately, there were several of you who posted comments during that time which we were not able to publish, and when we try to publish them now, we get the message:

 The comment doesn't exist or no longer exists.

Please accept our apologies, and know that we aren't ignoring you!  
Your comment seems to have been lost somewhere in cyberspace, 
but if you would be willing to take the time to comment again, 
we'll publish it asap!

Thank you!

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