Wednesday, September 7, 2011

fast food

Fast food restaurants in Davao often have displays 
of already-cooked food for sale.

This is a pretty typical display, 
with pans of meat and vegetables balanced on bowls and trays 
to look a little more elegant.

There are no warming pans here,
and my western mindset, very cautious about food safety,
always questions how long those meats have been sitting out.

So though there might be some very delicious foods at these stands,
we opt for places where the food is freshly cooked instead.

Throughout history mankind has eaten plenty of meat that wasn't hot off the grill, 
and most of them seemed to survive just fine. 
For only a very small period of time have we had any refrigeration; 
that's why spices were so important to early European traders. 
Meat quickly became sour, so the spices were used to cover up any bad taste.  

No, Mark, that doesn't mean that I'm ready to eat off of these platters. 
Not even the super-spicy ones!  

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