Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Elise and Amy have begun studying Tagalog (Tuh-gah-loag), 
the Filipino national language,
for high school Foreign Language credit this year.

Our family studied a bit of the local language, Visayan (or Cebuano), which is helpful in conversing with most people in the vicinity where we live,
but Tagalog is the more widely-used language throughout the Philippines.

Elise and Amy are studying with Ate Bebe, 

who is not only a fabulous teacher, 
but she's also a lot of fun!

 On Sunday, our friend Tata (above, with Amy) 
practiced Tagalog with them.
Tata loves languages, 
and she's eager to help them learn hers!

 Soon a couple of others came by to listen in,

and before they knew it, a crowd was gathered around, 
sharing ideas, challenging them with new words and phrases.

There's nothing like learning a new language
in the very place where the language is spoken!
What a fabulous opportunity to learn not just the words,
but also the culture behind the words.

“Language is the blood of the soul 
into which thoughts run 
and out of which they grow.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

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