Thursday, September 29, 2011

a cultural experience with how to cook hot dogs, and remembering to take plastic off them, for fear they will explode, and burn down your house, except that concrete houses don't burn very well, so you would have burned wood doorframes but a house still, which is much better than losing your whole house, but still, remember to take off the plastic!

(blog title courtesy of Amy, who will be very embarrassed that I actually posted what she mischievously typed while I was cooking dinner)

I had a 'dumb foreigner' experience today.

I'd been assigned to bring hotdogs for Michael's 
'End of the Soccer Season' party.
I've never cooked hotdogs here before.
No comment, please...we're just not hotdog people!

But when I went to buy those dogs,
I actually found smoked turkey ones.  
That's the only turkey I've ever seen here - 
other than the $50 under-sized Butterball at SM.

I thought our family might just give these healthier-looking ones a try!
So I popped open a pack for lunch today and quickly stuck them under the broiler.

As I sliced tomatoes for Coney Dogs,
I heard an ominous explosion.

I opened the oven to evaluate the damage
and found a hotdog sprawling in many pieces throughout the oven.

I yanked the pan out to cut some ventilation in the remaining dogs.
It was then that I saw what I had missed in my rush to get them cooked.

These dogs are individually plastic wrapped.

No wonder it popped.

why are they individually wrapped?  i haven't figured that one out yet... 

...not wrong...
just different...

Michael vies with the Green Team for the ball

I was thankful for the culinary lesson
so I knew to peel off the plastic before cooking those soccer dogs.

Go Michael! 

And thank you, Amy, for your invaluable contribution to today's post.


Rachel Cori said...

This post tickled me! Thanks

{Ashleigh} said...

Thank-you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. That sounds really exciting about you coming to our next ladies tea! I really hope you can!

us5 said...

so happy it made you smile, Rachel :)

and :hugs: to you, Ashleigh!

Rosalie said...