Monday, September 12, 2011

what's for lunch?

We are one of those...ummm...
unique families 
who eats dinner together almost every night.

Not only that, but we eat lunch together almost every day, too.
Mark's office is just a few minutes' walk from our door;
 it's easy for him to join us!
How great is that?!? 
It's definitely one of the advantages in this place we live!

But that means that sandwiches and quick lunches are important.
(Especially to me!  With homeschooling I don't have much time to cook lunch...)

Lunch meats are not really the best option here,
and everyone gets tired of PB&Js at some point in their lives.

Our current favorite sandwich 
is made of
whole-wheat bread
liberally spread with cream cheese
and layered with fresh slices of tomato and cucumber

all sprinkled with McCormick's Italian Seasoning.
(hooray for G-mall and their great spice selection!)

And nutritious, too!
Whole grains, 
(tomatoes ARE fruit, right?)
 and veggies, all in one.

we won't talk about the cookies we had for dessert...
(THANK YOU, J&L for the special treat!)

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