Saturday, September 10, 2011

lazy Saturday afternoon

At least, it was lazy for me.

Elise is on the far left shooting, Amy's in the gray T on the far right

Amy and Elise spent the afternoon playing in a community basketball game.
I just watched and took a few pictures!

teams were composed of adults, middle school and high school girls 

Amy on defense

a little sibling rivalry

Elise kept getting in tussles over that ball.  
Soi won this one...

Elise, in the red shorts, hangs on to the ball while Joan laughs!
and Coach Krys won this one, even though Elise gave it all she had!

 A newly built structure in the adjoining neighborhood overlooks the school court.
A little girl was perched up there by the laundry, watching the game through the fence!

Amy comes in for a basket
Elise poised to shoot
There's a community women's basketball game every Saturday afternoon.
What a great group of ladies to compete with!

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Kay said...

What great way to spend the day! :)