Saturday, December 10, 2011

in house concert

This group of friends got together one evening this week at our home
and filled the place with the music of carols...


I didn't want them to stop.
Unfortunately, other moms did care about undone homework.

Today they provided the accompaniment for singing of carols at a local event.
It was beautiful, ladies.

You can bring your instruments to our house anytime.


Judy said...

Wish I was there! I'm jealous :O
Where was that trumpet????

us5 said...

wish you could have joined them, Judy! ♥

there was no trumpet because it was for a 'girls only' event... :)

Kay said...

Well, Christian, JH, and KK will have to bring their instruments and join the trumpet. Boys only event! ;)

us5 said...

:D sounds great, Kay! though maybe in a couple of years...i'm not sure that M could keep up with your musical boys yet!!