Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pasko Takbo (Christmas Run)

Michael and I signed-up for another fun run, so had to rise early on Saturday morning to get there at 5am!  This run was put on by the City of Davao and is one of several special events to celebrate the Christmas season.

 We had a fitness guru lead us in some stretching and calisthenics.  He sure had a lot of energy for so early in the morning.  It was pretty crowded, so we were bumping into the people around us as we performed various 'moves.'  Everyone was friendly and smiling :-)

 There were three separate events, the 10km started at 5:30am, the 5km started 10 minutes later, and finally the 3km (our event) at 5:47am.  Here's the start of the 5km.

 Ok, we're in the starting area, looking up San Pedro street.  I think there were about 1000+ runners total.  We ran together at the beginning, then dad pulled ahead a little bit, then Michael pulled ahead over the last 500m, and finished a good 10 seconds ahead of dad.

 Here we are after the race with some new friends.  We also had some refreshments; water, banana, hard boiled egg, and hot rice porridge (with fish)!  I'm not wearing my race singlet, since the XL size (biggest available) was still a little small on me.  I'm a "big" guy here in the Philippines!

 And ... Michael placed 3rd in the kids age group (12 and under).  Here he receives his medal and congratulations.  Good job Michael!  Most of the winners received a cash prize, but as the race director said, the kids received a medal and "bragging rights."

There are lots of fun runs in Davao, so come for  a visit and join us in one!

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The Heritages said...

Yoohoo! Cograts Michael!! Oh, and you too, Mark! :)